retino booster-two-phase revitalizing treatment

The treatment is a two-phase treatment, which divides into the first step, massage, during which xymenic acid increases microcirculation, improves cell nutrition and second step, during which a retinoid mask is applied to normalize the keratinisation process and to stimulate the regeneration process in the deep layers of the skin.


The first element of the treatment is massage based on xymenionic acid. He is already known from the African pharmacopoeia and derives from the culture of the Macua people. Macua is a 4 million-strong ethnic group whose culture is based on women. This woman is the center of everything, everything is created by women and everything goes to them. During a relaxing massage, the xymenine acid contained in the butter penetrates deep into the skin, influencing it with its beneficial properties. It is obtained from the plant Olax Dissitiflora. Appreciated for its rejuvenating, nourishing and microcirculation properties. Stimulation of blood vessel microcirculation results in better, faster and more effective biosynthesis of the active ingredients contained in the mask. Also for oxygenation and cell nutrition.

The second stage of the procedure is retinoid mask application, which consists of retinol and the ecokoRetinol molecule. EcoRetinol (DHMC) is a botanical retinoid naturally found in plants rich in flavonoids such as rhubarb, stew and angelica sinensis. Flavonoids exhibit strong antioxidant, antiallergic, and free radical scavenging properties. Therefore, we are so in need of them for our skin in the fight against oxidative stress. EcoRetinol keeps your skin tight and firm, keeps your skin moisturized and has strong healing properties, is effective in anti-aging treatments.

Thanks to the combination of anti-aging and anti-aging ingredients, retino-booster treatment is a great treatment even for people with sensitive and allergic skin.

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