our philosophy

medycyna dla urody warto wiedziec




The knowledge and many years of experience of the founder and the leading doctor at Klinika Estetyki Ciała, Waldemar Jankowiak MD, in treating and inhibiting skin aging processes allowed us to learn our patients’ needs and prepare optimal formulae for our cosmetics based on profound and reliable medical knowledge. Hence, there appeared a wide spectrum of professional and functional cosmetics of the highest possible effectiveness.

While creating each cosmetic, our highest priorities include:

  • the highest quality,
  • precise effectiveness,
  • high tolerance of our products.




Dottore cosmeceuticals guarantee a comprehensive skincare, help preserving its health and good look as well as slow down aging processes. They are an uncompromising solution for those who are looking for completely invasive but effective methods to deal with esthetic problems and time passing by. They also complement esthetic medicine procedures as their natural continuation.

The line of our cosmeceuticals can be applied daily to protect the skin and is complemented with a line of highly specialist products created to specific cosmetic problems.



We have created cosmetics of the highest possible effectiveness and precision. The effects we have achieved are confirmed by long-term application research.

Dottore products contain only these substances whose activity has been confirmed by reliable research, without any compounds of non-confirmed effectiveness or which may evoke allergy. We always follow the rules adopted in medicine production while creating dottore cosmeceuticals and we use only ingredients indispensible to achieve desired effects.

  • Do not stop the time. Let it run before you!