The studio.peel product line is based on acids. Chemical peels are the basic instrument in professional cosmetics used to effectively improve the most important aesthetic parameters of the skin.

From February 1, 2018. the line is extended by 2 additional treatments: rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle for gray and earthy skin based on 20% glycolic acid supplemented with White Ten complex and anti-acne treatment for problematic skin with 25% concentration of pyruvic acid and 25% lactic acid concentration.

Pyruvic acid due to rapid penetration allows to achieve large aesthetic results in an extremely short time. It has a strong sebostatic effect, that is, it inhibits excess sebum secretion and regulates sebaceous glands. In combination with lactic acid, it is ideal for oily and mixed skins because it also moisturizes the dry body part.

  • Do not stop the time. Let it run before you!