expert’s opinion




Waldemar Jankowiak,

M.D. UIME esthetic medicine physician,
specialist surgeon,
Vice-president of the Esthetic Medicine Division of the Polish Medical Association


The origin of our brand name dottore derives from two crucial elements. In Italian, dottore means a doctor, somebody who is educated or a scholar if translated literally. As the founder and the originator of dottore, my intention was to emphasize the pursuit and the duty of dottore brand to create and offer reliable products of constantly verified quality and high effectiveness, all based on specialized knowledge.

Moreover, dottore, the name itself, is a tribute to Italian esthetic medicine thanks to which this field of medical knowledge reached Poland 20 years ago. Italian esthetic medicine physicians unusually warmly and disinterestedly shared their knowledge and experience trying to educate the first Polish specialists. They are eager to share their rich experience also today, though after so many years our Polish doctors specializing in esthetic medicine are treated this times as an equal partner co-creating and supporting European esthetic medicine.


To meet the objectives of the dottore mission statement, I founded expert’s opinion column titled MEDICINE FOR BEAUTY, in which I am going to publish the most import information taken from the world of esthetic medicine and cosmetology filtered through knowledge and many years of experience of our experts.

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