Management board


Anna Geisler - Jankowiak


President of the management board and director of the Klinika Estetyki Ciała - the first headquarters of our brand. She oversees the company's development, cares for the image and good atmosphere in the team. The author of the slogan "the policy of fulfilled promises".

Privately, a lover of animals - especially cats and horses. A passionate about photography. In her free time, she likes riding horses or reading books with a cup of her favorite coffee by her side.


dr Waldemar Jankowiak


M.D. specializing in aesthetic medicine in the UIME, specialist surgeon, vicepresident of the Polish Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (pol. PTMEiAA).

Originator and founder of the brand. Supervises the product portfolio development. Thanks to constant contact with patients, he knows their current problems and helps us find answers to them.

He spends his free time in the garage tinkering with Land Rovers. An enthusiast of Andalusia and Spanish cuisine. Likes holidays in the Bieszczady Mountains, surrounded by nature.



Michał Baranowski

Managing director

Managing director acting as team leader. He takes care of finances and effectively finds solutions to the company's current problems.

After returning home, a loving husband and a caring father of three. He loves motorcycles and motor sports. Likes to travel and spend time in nature. Licensed and several times awarded racing driver.


Małgorzata Pawłowska

Project manager

Project manager supervising production - from product formula to packaging. Her experience and knowledge in the field of chemistry are invaluable. She serves with her knowledge to the rest of the team, as well as clients, during training and lectures.

Privately smiling and outgoing mother of 2 daughters. A lover of spending time in her garden. When she travels, she always has a travel guide with her. She is interested in plants - their properties and care.


Julia Siczyńska

Product manager

Product Manager efficiently oversees the life of the product from the inception to the market launch. Responsible for media activity and marketing messages, overseeing the work of the marketing department.

Privately, a happy mother of a 2-year-old daughter. Nice and sociable. She loves spending time with friends. She spends her free time broadening her knowledge of skin and its care.


Eleni Spanidis

Export manager

Export manager characterized by ambition and efficiency in her activities. She introduces our brand to foreign markets, builds long-term business relations with current and new partners.

Privately, she successfully combines spending time with her family with a passion for travel. She instills in her children a curiosity about the world and willingly shows it to them. She believes that life should be enjoyed and shared with others.


Wiktoria Radlik

Marketing / social media specialist

Marketing and social media specialist who takes care of brand profiles. Responsible for preparing content shared on social media channels - from the idea to the final effect and photo. She looks after the influencers who cooperate with us.

Privately, an art enthusiast in love with horse riding. She spends her free time in the stable, with her horse or writing a Fantasy book. As a hobby, she draws graphics in black and white.


Piotr Dejneka

IT specialist / Webmaster

IT / WEBMASTER specialist responsible for the appearance of our website and graphic processing of the marketing materials. Provides direct technical care in the field of information technology.

At home, a caring and loving dad of a one-year-old daughter. Active football fan - regularly plays and follows sports events. He spends his free time actively with family and friends.

Customer service


Damian Kortyla

Warehouse manager

Warehouse manager deals with taking orders and logistics. He takes care of stock levels so that orders arrive quickly, are complete and safely packed.

A husband and a father of two boys, in love with football. He likes to spend time with his family and to indulge in his passion, playing as an amateur in various leagues. A lover of board games.


Bernadeta Paczkowska

Customer advisor

An employee of the customer service department who cares about the highest standard of shipping orders. She offers telephone and e-mail support, provides with advice and helps customers find best offer of our brand for them.

After work, she likes to spend her time wandering along roads and wilderness. Her interests include literature, music and handicraft. She loves drinking coffee in the company of friends.

Regional client advisors


Anna Kulczykowska

Client advisor

voiv. Masovia, Lodzkie, Lublin, Swietokrzyskie, Podlaskie

A regional customer manager for whom cosmetics is a job and passion. A cosmetologist by profession. Thanks to 11 years of experience in the beauty industry, she provides advice and knowledge to her clients.

Privately, a mother of a 5-year-old daughter, a happy and energetic woman. She loves sports and traveling. She appreciates the time spent with family and friends, but also silence and reading books.

tel. +48 790 470 670


Paulina Guzikowska

Client advisor

voiv. Greater Poland, Lubusz, West Pomerania, Lower Silesia

A regional customer manager who loves working with people. The perfect combination of professionalism and personality. She considers her most important mission to be caring for each client separately and to provide everything they need to develop.

Privately, she is a happy mother. As a hobby she likes creating jewelry, designing it and manual implementation of her ideas. Curious about the world - she eagerly visits new places and meets new people.

tel. +48 530 220 480


Krzysztof Padowski

Client advisor

voiv. Lesser Poland, Subcarpathia, Silesia

Regional customer manager appreciated by all his clients. He combines professionalism with sympathy for people and working with people. He supports his clients by establishing lasting relationships for years.

Everything he does, he does 100%. A sensitive and sociable man of many passions. One of them are journeys, the impressions of which he always shares with his relatives.

tel. +48 501 259 224


Aneta Wyżga – Kostek

Cosmetologist / trainer

A trainer with 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. A cosmetologist by profession. She combines a professional approach and a nice personality. The most important for her are the effects of treatments and the highest quality of the transferred knowledge.

Privately, a fulfilled mother and wife. On a daily basis, she is a smiling, sincere, but also demanding person. She spends her free time with friends and family.