In order to keep the skin in good condition, look healthy and radiant, it needs stronger support in daily care. Cosmetic treatment is a professional skin care carried out in a beauty salon. A properly selected procedure will nourish, rejuvenate and smooth the skin.

A wide range of dottore cosmeceutici treatments is available in the best beauty parlors in Poland. Please take a look and contact your beautician to make an appointment.

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NMF xpress

Treatment with multi-level skin moisturize stimulation

INDICATIONS dry and dehydrated skin, impaired balance of the skin hydrolipid coat, genetic dry skin.RESULT skin after the treatment is deeply...


Cleansing and regeneration treatment for sensitive skin

INDICATIONS dirty and rough skin, dry, dehydrated skin in need of refreshing.RESULT deeply moisturized, nourished and regenerated skin, rebuilt...

  • ELLE 2016
  • Innovations LNE 2016
  • Beauty Premium 2016

Rossatore xpress

First adaptogenic treatment for vascular skin with a tendency to rosacea

INDICATIONS vascular skin, sensitive, overactive, skin with pink rosacea, telangiectasia - visible, dilated blood vessels.RESULT reduce the...

  • ELLE 2016
  • Innovations LNE 2016
  • Beauty Premium 2016