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C-flush serum

Intensive anti-wrinkle serum with 6% vitamin C and L-arginin

INDICATIONS grey skin and lack of shine, photoaging of the skin, need for antioxidant skin protection, need to delay the formation of first...

145.53 zł
  • InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2015
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City SUN

Sun protective face cream SPF 50+

INDICATIONS The cream was created for: living in the city and active, aware of the effects of UVA, UVB and Blue Light on the skin, aware of the...

96.75 zł
  • Glamour Glammies 2020


Intensive moisturizing cream with 5% mandelic acid

INDICATIONS mature, dry skin that requires strong hydration, oily and acne prone skin with a tendency to local drying, problematic skin -...

161.79 zł


Accelerating epidermal regeneration cream

INDICATIONSprotection and regeneration of skin irritated by UV exposure, skin protection after aesthetic medicine treatments, renewal of the...

113.01 zł