Why it’s „dottore”?

dlaczego dottore

A Polish brand with an Italian name - why? What does that mean to us? The genesis of the dottore brand name comes from two important elements.

The word dottore in Italian literally means a doctor, an educated person and a scientist. By presenting ourselves in this way, we want to emphasize our commitment and promise to creating and offering trustworthy products. Their formula is based on knowledge and many years of experience, and the quality and effectiveness of operation are constantly verified. In turn, "cosmeceutici" means cosmeceuticals. This word raises doubts even in english, so we dispel doubts once and for all Word "cosmeceuticals" is a hybrid of the words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This term is used to describe products that combine caring, beautifying and therapeutic effects that respond to skin problems.

dlaczego dottore

Why is the Polish brand presented in Italian? The slogan "medicine for beauty" did not come out of nowhere. Our company is related to aesthetic medicine, which beginning is located in Italy. When this field of knowledge was only germinating in Poland (over 20 years ago), Italian doctors shared their research with great kindness and selflessness, helping to educate the first Polish specialists. They share their rich experience also today, although currently the Polish group of doctors is an equal partner for them, co-creating and supporting the development of European aesthetic medicine.

dlaczego dottore

The third pillar, less known, because a bit less media-related, that dottore faced was demand. Dr Jankowiak - the originator and founder of the brand, for years treated patients, performed treatments and searched for the best home care cosmetics for each of them. He did not find any that he would consider good enough to recommend them to you Then dottore cosmeceutici arose - out of the need for effective home care, as a tribute to the knowledge and experience of aesthetic medicine.

Fun fact:
The first product of our brand was the rejuvenating cream Novo with 8% glycolic acid.

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