Which anti-wrinkle cream to choose up to 250 PLN? Guidebook

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Skin aging is a natural biological process. Over time, wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face, the epidermis becomes thinner and rougher while the complexion gets dehydrated. How to care for skin that already shows wrinkles? Here are some tips.

Wrinkles - why do they appear?

The first wrinkles appear around age 25. People at this age already struggle with crow's feet, forehead wrinkles and lip-nose folds. With time, marionette lines, bags under the eyes also appear and fine lines are more visible. All this means that the face no longer looks as beautiful and youthful as it used to, the skin is no longer firm and smooth and its moisture level decreases.

Anti-aging care

It is important to take proper care of skin with wrinkles. Use of creams that provide moisture and nourishment, smooth out wrinkles and furrows and even out skin tone will make the skin in a better condition with less visible wrinkles. It is also worth protecting against unfavourable environmental factors such as smog or UV rays, which also affect the skin aging process. Such care does not have to cost a fortune. An effective cream can be purchased for less than 250 PLN.

Anti-wrinkle creams - our proposals

Looking for a good anti-wrinkle cream? Below are a few proposals of creams to 250 PLN.

C-FLUSH CREAM RICH - cream is dedicated to dry skin with signs of aging, including wrinkles, discoloration, loss of elasticity. The cream contains, among others, vitamin C, which slows down the skin aging process, jojoba oil protecting the skin against excessive water loss, Shea butter having moisturising and regenerating properties. Price 219 PLN.

RETINO - is an intensive restorative night cream with 0.1% vitamin A. Regenerative processes are most active at night, which is why it is worth getting a night cream containing active ingredients. The combination of retinol and ecoRetinol provides the perfect solution in the fight against wrinkles, loss of skin density and firmness and other signs of aging. Price: 209 PLN.

C-FLUSH SERUM - intensive anti-wrinkle serum with 6% vitamin C and L-arginine is a cosmetic ideal for women who care about quick and effective improvement of skin condition. The serum provides protection against harmful environmental factors, delays the appearance of the first wrinkles, makes the skin nourished, firm and radiant. Price: 179 PLN.


With time, the first furrows and wrinkles appear on the face, skin loses its firmness and elasticity so it no longer looks as aesthetically pleasing as before. To delay the aging process and keep the skin in good condition, proper care is necessary including the application of cosmetics for skin with wrinkles.

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Ola - 2021-08-18 10:51:00

Za mniej niż 250 zł mam złote serum i krem na noc z Organique - bardzo fajna seria z drobinkami złota.

katarzyna merek - 2021-05-29 16:38:21

Najlepsza moim zdaniem sesderma, zwłaszcza ten z witaminą c. Ja swój kupowałam na notino, naprawde rewelacyjna jakość i solidna cena.