Vascular skin - how to take care of?

It's cute when someone blushes, isn't it? Ask a person with couperose skin about this sweet blush. The answer may surprise you. Erythema can be a bane more than you can imagine.

Vascular skin, i.e. shallow vascularization. The first thing you associate with it is erythema. We all have it - in stressful changes, high levels, physical stress, until we are not used to alcohol, or sudden changes in temperature. However, for some they disappear immediately, while for others they remain for longer. It depends on the elasticity of the blood vessels. With couperose skin, the level of this flexibility is very low. The skin is thin and sensitive, so the blush lies on it for a long time, with time, it can lead to telangiectasia, or so-called spider veins. Then we may have the skin disease. For us, this is information that cosmetics should be selected especially carefully.

The care of couperose skin is primarily prophylaxis, i.e. strengthening the capillaries, calming the already formed erythema and avoiding or preventing the effects of factors that may irritate the skin. It is worth limiting alcohol, spicy dishes, strong coffee, so as not to provoke a blush "at your own request". The same applies to hot baths, saunas and solariums, which we advise against even with strong, healthy skin.

Cosmetics for couperose skin
Let's start with the basics of caring for healthy skin - cleansing. Pay attention to cleansing products dedicated for sensitive and couperose skin. Too strong cosmetics weaken the hydrolipid barrier, which is of average resistance in case of vascular skin.

Is exfoliation of dead skin necessary when the skin is thin anyway? Still necessary, but be careful about it. We advise against granular peelings, which may irritate and even cause inflammation. On the other hand, enzyme peelings are highly recommended. Why? Exfoliation of dead epidermis cells accelerates the renewal process. The skin looks younger, healthier and the wrinkles become shallower.

Too much UV radiation negatively affects all skin types, but couperose skin is particularly sensitive at this point. The use of a sunscreen is an absolute must. It is worth getting a product that will protect from any type of radiation - UVA, UVB and Blue Light. Blue light emitted by screens of electrical devices is also not indifferent to the skin. Do you have glasses to protect your eyes? Very good. Programs that mitigate radiation? Great. And have you taken care of your skin at this point?

Courperose skin and anti-aging
This issue keeps many people with capillary skin awake at night. Most of the anti-aging substances known to be effective are active ingredients with an irritating effect, so not recommended in this case ... unless it’s in the right concentration*. Despite the delicacy of couperose skin, we can delay the aging process. It is influenced by all of the above-mentioned factors - caution, the use of sunscreen creams, regular exfoliation of dead epidermal cells. Including a nourishing day cream and an active night cream, we have a recipe for a well-cared, rejuvenated skin, even with low elasticity of blood vessels.


The Rossatore series was created for very sensitive, couperose skin prone to rosacea. Carefully designed care, that is:
- Rossatore cream blur effect
A day cream that nourishes and strengthens the skin. It is based on the adaptogenic properties of Schisandra chinesis and the blur technology that diffuses light. The result is a illuminated complexion, unified skin tone and muted erythema.
- Rossatore resurfacing cream*
A night cream that is as effective as gentle. The pro-revitalizing complex contained in the composition regulates the secretion of sebum, exfoliates dead epidermal cells, preparing the skin for the next products. It leaves the skin smooth and radiant.
- Rossatore peel home
Enzyme peeling complementig the home treatment for couperose skin. It exfoliates dead epidermis cells, smoothes and regenerates the skin.
- Rossatore mask home
The mask combines moisturizing, calming and regenerating effects. As a result, the skin is tensed and nourished and the erythema is calmed down.

The Rossatore Set is available - the entire series in one box! In case you have not a gift idea for a loved one.

Do you know people with couperose skin? Or maybe you have such skin yourself? How are you dealing with this? Let us know in the comment if you have any proven ways to deal with blushes.

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Kalinka - 2021-06-07 21:53:13

Dorzuciłabym z własnego doświadczenia do listy kwas hialuronowy i kwas laktobionowy (np. serum capillar zawiera oba). U mnie przyniosło efekt, a poradziła mi to w ogóle kumpela, która pracuje w salonie kosmetycznymi i tam tak stosują.