TOP5 dottore cosmeceutici creams

Top 5 kremów dottore cosmeceutici

Welcome! We are glad you were interested in the topic. Which products are the best of the best? This question is quite often asked by beauty salons on the beginning of cooperation with us. Today we will answer officially! We are proud to present TOP5 of our pearls:

1. Novo – night cream with 8% glycolic acid.

It is said "third times lucky." Novo proves that you don't always have to try three times. The first on the list of our bestsellers and the first product in our offer at the beginning of the brand's existence. The results of the application are often referred by our clients as "wow effect". It exfoliates dead skin cells while stimulating renewal of new ones. It evens out the color, leaving the skin rejuvenated, smooth and elastic. In addition, it is a preparatory stage for the skin before introducing retino to the evening care.

dottore novo

2. Retino – intensively rebuilding night cream with vitamin A.

As the name suggests, the preparation contains retinol, a molecule that is very popular in the anti-aging industry. It owes its popularity to efficiency. Retino copes with wrinkles, gray, excess calloused epidermis - features typical of aging skin. It is also appreciated by young people struggling with adolescent acne. The price for its versatility and effectiveness is a few restrictions when using this cream. It is worth going back to the article "Why dottore?", where we explain exactly what cosmeceuticals are. It should not be used in summer due to the light sensitivity of the ingredients. It must not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

dottore retino

3. C-flush cream RICH – intensive anti-wrinkle, nourishing day cream.

The word "RICH" in the name does not appear by accident. The cream is very rich in active ingredients - they constitute as much as 30% of the cream's composition. Intended for dry skin with the first signs of aging. Unifies the skin tone. Stable form of Vitamin C - ascorbyl glucoside - prevents aging processes. In addition, it provides antioxidant protection, which is why we put special emphasis on its use in summer. It is liked by people with dry, gray and sun-tired skin. Fun fact: improves the skin quality of cigarette smokers.

dottore c-flush cream rich

4. Rossatore line

It was hard for us to choose one product from the line that we could present in our TOP5. Day cream and night cream from Rossatore are almost the same popular and mostly are bought together. Therefore, we will list the entire product line in fourth place. Rossatore is a series created for couperose and very sensitive skin. We are regularly approached by ladies with skin prone to redness, which is irritated by every single cream they used. We recommend the rossatore cream blur effect for the day, which effectively reduces the erythema - its intensity, frequency and surface, thereby unifying the skin tone. Rebuilds the hydrolipid barrier, which reduces the skin's over-reactivity. The same ladies to whom we recommend the day cream are concerned about the acids in the Rossatore night cream. Completely unnecessary. Our policy is to respond to the needs of our clients. We had not found a safe antiaging cream for couperose skin before, so we created a recipe that was received by our clients with great enthusiasm, which has not cooled down to this day.

dottore linia rossatore

5. Hydratore – year-round day cream with 5% mandelic acid.

Combination skin, oily, constantly "glowing" forehead and nose and next to extremely dry cheeks and peeling epidermis. Sounds familiar? Hydratore is great for such a complexion! It does not clog pores, it regulates the secretion of sebum in the oily “T” zone. People struggling with acne eagerly reach for it. Regulation of sebum has a positive effect on acne skin. Mandelic acid, thanks to its antibacterial properties, often visibly improves its condition.

dottore hydratore

Which product would you call your TOP1? Let us know in the comment!

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