To help Ukraine

Dear Clients and Partners!

Russia's invasion on Ukraine is emotionally taxing and we will not pretend it is otherwise. We keep working to support our employees and their families, but as the owner of dottore cosmeceutici, I have decided to donate 10% of the income from sales of our products this week to support Ukraine during this difficult time.

Every penny counts...

Most of us have already helped over the weekend with collections of food, hygiene products, sleeping bags and other items needed by refugees going on in all cities. Many people have headed to the border. Thank you, we feel proud! However, we appeal to you to help wisely and choose reliable organizations.

dottore cosmeceutici helps by donating 10% of its income to the accounts of the listed organizations. We also take care of Ukrainian families who stayed in Poznań. We are a small company, but we know that our clients will help us too!

Thank you in advance!

Please remember, before donating money, to make sure that this is a real, operating foundation. This type of situation is unfortunately exploited by cyber criminals. My heart grows when I look at how much we have already helped our neighbors! Let's help them survive and prevail in their fight for a free country!

Thank you!

President dottore cosmeceutici
Anna Geisler-Jankowiak

If you also want to help but not sure how, we point out reliable organizations supporting Ukrainians, using the list provided by Gazeta Wyborcza:

  1. Szpitalnicy - this is a medical support team working directly on the frontline: [CLICK]
  2. Polish Humanitarian Action – direct aid to war victims: [CLICK]
  3. the Polish Medical Mission - [CLICK]
  4. Voices of children - an organization that supports children harmed by war: [CLICK]
  5. Solidarity with Ukraine - Polish collection organized by [CLICK]
  6. Polish Humanitarian Action - here Polish Humanitarian Action collects money to help Ukraine: [CLICK] Here you can also send 1% of your tax.
  7. Razom for Ukraine - Collection recommended by Ukrainians living in Poland: [CLICK]
  8. action #RAZEMdlaUKRAINY - is a coordinated effort of many aid organizations: [CLICK]
  9. Come back alive - an organization that works directly with the command and staff of military units to purchase infrared thermal cameras, night vision goggles, hemostatic dressings, etc. [CLICK]
  10. Army SOS - an organization that manages the procurement of essential ammunition, shielding, communications and recognition equipment: [CLICK]

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