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DOTTORE new year's resolutions for your skin

A new year means a new beginning! Do we know the slogan "new year - new me"? A bit cliched, so we will let the slogan go, but the idea is good.

It is hard to mobilize ourselves for change. Changes for the better usually require from us effort, sometimes sacrifice and self-discipline. Some people decide to eat healthier, others buy a gym membership, others stop smoking or take new courses to improve their knowledge.

We focused on health, specifically the health of our skin. Below is a list of New Year's resolutions written with healthy, well-groomed, and therefore beautiful skin in mind!

1. Cleansing

There is a reason this resolution is at the top of the list. If we do not start our morning and evening rituals by carefully washing our face, everything else will be of little use. Properly cleansed skin means less tendency to the appearance of pimples and imperfections, and in addition better absorbs and uses the active ingredients contained in creams.

What to look out for:

- cleanse your eyebrow area and hairline carefully as well.
- When removing eye makeup, do not rub your skin with a cotton swab - place a micellar-soaked cotton swab on your eye for a few seconds and then gently run it over your eye.
- Check the ingredients of your products - the more natural the better!

What we offer:

- sensitore line - cosmetics for make-up removal and face washing, which will work even for extremely sensitive and problematic skin.

2. The right choice of skin care products

Sometimes skin problems persist despite using many distinct products. The solution may be to ask for help from a specialist who can help you choose the right cosmetic. Yes, cosmetic. Sometimes too much is not enough, and one right cream solves the problem!

An example from life: hydratore - a solution for people with combination skin. Many of our clients previously used a moisturizer on their cheeks and a "drying" cream on their forehead and nose. Hydratore has a seboregulating and moisturizing effect. It does not "dry out" the skin, it regulates the sebaceous glands and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

What to pay attention to:

- not all active ingredients can be used together. If you use more than one cosmetic during the morning or evening ritual, make sure that they do not react with each other and apply them in the right order.

3. Photoprotection

We have repeatedly debunked this myth, and yet many people still think that sunscreen creams need to be used only in the summer. The sun affects our skin regardless of the season, so we should use photoprotection from spring, through summer, to autumn and winter. In summer, sunlight is very intense. In winter, its intensity is less, but it is accompanied by increased pollution in the air and frost and wind also irritating the exposed skin of the face.

What to pay attention to:

- spread the cream carefully to avoid skipping sections of skin. You will avoid an uneven tan.
- No sunscreen can protect your skin for more than 2-3 hours. Application of the product must be repeated.

What we suggest:

- We often associate sunscreens with a greasy preparation that takes a long time to absorb. The solution is City SUN - the City line sunscreen has been designed for everyday use by people who do not have time to wait for the cream to absorb. It leaves no white marks and works well under makeup.

4. Antioxidation

Antioxidation is an action from the category "prevention and anti-aging". Free radicals - ubiquitous - are the main cause of visible aging of our skin. Introducing products containing a large amount of antioxidants into our daily diet is a good start, but as we mentioned in the "skin - what do you know about it?" article, they will be delivered to the skin last. It is worth acting from the outside in.

What we suggest:

- C-flush cream RICH is an anti-wrinkle day cream that took the 5th place on the TOP5 2021 list, which is a proof of its effectiveness and the trust our customers put in it. It works as a light, invisible shield that traps free radicals while nourishing the skin, improving its color, and reducing wrinkles.

If you manage to implement one or two of the above resolutions - your skin will already thank you! Good luck!

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