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DOTTORE Must have for summer

Many people associate summer with the holiday season. We often have trips planned since the beginning of the year and we can't wait. However, regardless of whether you are a fan of sunbathing by the sea or mountain hiking, you should take care of yourself. During the vacations we regenerate and rest. But what about our skin?

The skin rarely has a chance to rest during the summer. What challenges does it face?

The sun

Sunlight is the biggest threat to our skin during the summer. Without effective protection, UVB can burn us painfully. Particularly vulnerable areas are the cheeks, nose, shoulders and neckline. This is where erythema is most likely to appear, followed shortly by burns.

UV is also a major factor in the appearance of free radicals, which damage the tissues of our skin in search of neutrons with which to combine . To effectively eliminate the harmful effects of the sun on our skin, two elements are needed to protect it - sunscreen and antioxidant protection such as vitamin C cream.

Temperature Changes

Hot weather has a negative effect on our skin - it dehydrates easily, and sweat on the skin increases the risk of eczema.

Additional challenges for the skin are sudden temperature changes, to which we expose ourselves. During hot summer days it is natural to seek refreshment in air-conditioned rooms. Nowadays there are few stores or offices that would not be equipped with air conditioning. It is impossible to deny yourself this opportunity, but remember not to set the temperature too low. Air conditioning not only lowers the temperature in the room but also dries out the air, making our skin look tired.


High temperatures stimulate our skin to produce more sweat. Sebum on the skin combined with environmental pollutants (antipollution) and often also with make-up is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Many of our customers have complained about the deterioration of their skin during the summer. It is bacteria that are the cause. The answer is thorough cleansing - morning and night. Sometimes it is necessary to do it more often. Use proven micellar lotions and face gels that are gentle on the skin and preferably formulated with the most natural ingredients possible.


We have prepared summer sets for you! Packed in very practical cosmetic bags perfect for a trip. Two options to choose from:

Set 1 (City SUN + Sensitore Aqua Sensitive 100ml + S.O.S. 15ml)

The first cosmetic bag contains City SUN SPF50+ sunscreen. The lightweight formula is appreciated as a base for makeup, and the effectiveness has been tested and confirmed by many of our customers.

Additionally, a travel size 100ml Sensitore Aqua Sensitive micellar lotion for sensitive skin.

S.O.S. 15ml - is a miniature of the product created for skin requiring immediate regeneration. Originally, the product served only as a soothing cream after aesthetic medicine treatments. Currently it serves as a rescue for sunburned skin or skin irritated by insect bites.

Set 2 (C-flush cream RICH 30ml + Sensitore Aqua Sensitive 100ml + S.O.S. 15ml)

It differs from the first one in one element - instead of a sunscreen, we offer one of our bestsellers in a travel size - C-flush cream RICH 30ml. Rich, nourishing day cream combining antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

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