How to take care of your skin tone?

DOTTORE skin tone

Uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, is one of the fairly common skin problems of our time. The cosmetic market abounds with products that improve skin tone. This is due to many factors that affect this aspect adversely.

What affects uneven skin tone?

The main external factor that negatively affects skin tone is the sun. Overexposure to sunlight can result in the appearance of brown spots and uneven skin tone. These are the effects of excessive production of melanin, the hormone responsible for protecting the skin from sunlight.

Environmental pollutants - known from many signs and advertisements - smog and antipollution. Smog particles with a mass so small that they are able to penetrate our skin. Facial skin is the most vulnerable because it is much more delicate than the rest of the body, making it more susceptible to external factors.

The causes of hyperpigmentation can also come from abnormalities in our body. This includes hormones, for example. Increased hormone production affects our skin. This is usually most acutely felt by pregnant women.

There is also a type of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation - inflammation caused by acne lesions or cuts scars , causing it to darken.

How to promote proper skin tone?

Prevention in this topic is very important, and the ways to do it are not different from the basic elements of daily skin care.

Using sunscreen every day - recommended regardless of the topic at hand, the time of year or the age of the person we are talking to. Photoprotection this time is also an important part of prevention.

It is also worth taking care of good quality of skin with the help of enzymatic peelings. Accumulated dead epidermis makes it difficult for active ingredients from creams to penetrate the skin effectively.

Diet and skin tone

Skin shade, as well as the changes and discoloration occurring on it, can be the effect of not only improper care. Very often they are closely related to our diet and lifestyle.

We recommend enriching your daily menu with vitamin C - vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits) are good sources. Vitamin C brightens the skin and eliminates signs of aging, including hyperpigmentation.
Vitamin A - strengthens the color of the skin, thus protecting against hyperpigmentation. Interesting fact - vitamin A reduces our sensitivity to the sun. Recommended foods include spinach, kale, pumpkins and broccoli.
Vitamin B3 - found in fish, poultry meat, legumes and nuts - supports the restoration of the skin's natural color when we have a problem with graying of the complexion. It is usually faced by smokers.

In addition to a vitamin-rich diet, remember to take plenty of water. Thanks to it the body maintains lymphatic balance and better manages the removal of toxins. Skin deprived of hydration turns gray easily and ages much faster.


Recommended for those struggling with uneven skin tone, this treatment combines the enzyme peeling and sunscreen mentioned above.

C-flush cream RICH

A rich and nourishing day cream with vitamin C. Provides antioxidant protection, evens out skin tone, firms and has an anti-wrinkle effect.

Retino / Retino Forte

A night cream with retinol, proven to have a positive effect on skin tone. Two-step care helps to choose the right concentration for sensitive and more resistant skin.

City SUN

A sunscreen for everyday use - it has a light texture, does not stain the skin and works well under make-up. Effectively protects against UV-A and UV-B radiation, additionally against Blue Light.

Puratore Home

Enzymatic peeling with papain for all skin types. Also suitable for pregnant women. Works only in the outer layer of the epidermis, gently and safely. Leaves the skin refreshed and brightened.

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