How to support the body during menopause?

Menopause is a period that affects the entire body of a woman. She becomes distracted, often nervous, and the physical changes add to her irritability.


Diet is an essential part of caring for the body in every period of life. We should always make sure to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, avoid fast food, and don't snack at night....

Do you know what nutritional values a woman pays most attention to during menopause?

Vitamin D

Menopause causes a decrease in estrogen levels in a woman's body, which results in calcium loss. Therefore, women around the age of 50 are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Vitamin D supports absorption of calcium and phosphorus - minerals that support strong bones, but also support the body against hypertension and heart disease. These diseases very often accompany the onset of menopause, they are one of the consequences of neglecting the body during this period.

In addition - it is worth noting - vitamin D improves mood. Mood swing is a term that, unfortunately, women understand very well during the menopause.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has many uses in cosmetics. It is included in the composition of very many products. When we take it by mouth, we support not only the skin, but also the mucous membranes and eyesight. One of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency is "chicken blindness"!

Vitamin A should be combined with Vitamin E, which prevents its oxidation.

Vitamin E

Sometimes called the vitamin of menopause. It alleviates many troublesome effects: hot flashes, first signs of skin aging, vaginal dryness. In addition, it is an element of prevention - it strengthens the body against cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even Alzheimer's or Parkinson's!

Rich sources of vitamin E are nuts, olives, corn and asparagus. H3 Vitamin C

About the advantages of vitamin C certainly we do not need to say much - it strengthens the immune system of the body. It has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin and accelerates wound healing. It is highly recommended during menopause.

Physical activity

Sport is healthy! This does not change during menopause. Although it is sometimes difficult for women to find the motivation, we assure you that you will feel great after exercising! Physical effort stimulates the production of endorphins - happy hormones. What exercises are recommended for women during menopause?

Circulation and fitness

First of all, the so-called "locomotive activity", i.e. all activities connected with movement - walking (marching), climbing stairs, Nordic walking. They support the cardiovascular system, improve fitness and slow down the loss of bone mass.

Efficient muscular system

For muscle strengthening, exercises using bands and light dumbbells are recommended. Dumbbells are often associated with very strongly built men at the gym. This is a mistake. There are very light dumbbells available on the market, which are not used to gain muscle tissue, but to maintain it. However, it is important to perform these exercises correctly. To this purpose, we recommend that once in a while you make an appointment to train under the guidance of a trainer who will correct your mistakes if necessary.


To maintain the flexibility of the body and the range of motion of the joints, streching and yoga are recommended. These are exercises that are not only very beneficial for the body, but also effectively calm the mind. In this case, too, it is good to take advantage of the experience of a specialist, at least in the beginning. By doing the exercises incorrectly, we can accidentally harm ourselves or decide to do something that our body is not ready for. If everything hurts after the first training session, you can get discouraged from a really great form of physical activity!

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