How to prepare your skin for Valentine's Day?

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Skin preparation has more than one name. For some, it is an intensive treatment that involves exfoliating dead skin and a few days of redness in the name of perfect skin while the irritation heals. For others, preparation is a cocktail treatment, meaning brightening and nourishing, adding radiance to the skin on the eve of an important event.

Of course, both are right - both ways are appropriate. Add to that a pinch of thoughtful home care and we have a recipe for skin ready for anything!

When there are more than 5 days until an event

Having some time at our disposal, we can reach for treatments, for which (often) a spectacular effect must wait a few days. Treatments with acids fall into this category.

Studio.peel Glycolic acid 25% - intensively stimulates cell regeneration. It exfoliates dead epidermis, thanks to which only rejuvenated, fresh and smooth skin becomes visible. Apart from the effect visible to the naked eye, another advantage of the treatment is the improved absorption of active ingredients contained in home care products.

When we have less than 5 days to the event

Treatments with acids are an effect that takes time. When time is scarce, we offer another solution:

C-flush radiance - or wow effect without the pinch. Intensively nourishing treatment, which owes its effectiveness to research on the mechanisms of vitamin C penetration. Gives radiance and has antioxidant properties. Thanks to the regulation of melanin secretion, it improves the skin's color. Papain peeling, which is the first element of the treatment, dissolves dead skin cells, leaving it fresh and smooth without the risk of redness. In addition, it stimulates the skin regeneration process.

Immediately after the treatment you can go anywhere without worrying about irritation or redness!


An all-purpose at-home skincare that will keep your skin fully prepared every day - here it is:

City Essence - which is a mist from the City line, specifically 96% effective and non-irritating active ingredient in a 100ml, handy bottle! It nourishes, cares, and protects against the harmful effects of the urban environment.

Puratore home - enzymatic peeling with papain. Visibly refreshes the skin, gives it a shine, and provides the user with relaxation thanks to the pleasant natural scent of papaya.

Eye cream - here at your own discretion! To choose:

- NMF xpress eyes - deeply moisturizing.
- City eye - nourishing, helps to eliminate bruising under the eyes.
- Peptide eye - nourishing and anti-aging.
- Retino eye - with vitamin A, revitalizing.

A package for two? Of course!

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we have prepared a special opportunity! A set that you can give to your other half... or make it together! Valentine’s Day is a common holiday!

City SUN - sunscreen for everyday use and S.O.S. - skin regeneration cream, both are suitable for all skin types. Hygienic packaging, high quality products and a set at a better price - a perfect idea for two! Check HERE

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