Eye cream - how to apply and how to use?

DOTTORE eye cream

The skin around the eyes is thin and very delicate, showing the first signs of aging and the effects of harmful external factors. If not taken care of, dark circles and puffiness can add years to our appearance and make our eyes look less fresh and radiant.

It's worth bearing this in mind and taking conscious care of these areas. Properly selected eye cream distinguished by a friendly composition is highly recommended. The use of such a cosmetic is recommended already for people over 25 years old.

What is a good eye cream?

It is best to opt for a cream containing natural active ingredients and plant extracts, with a light, delicate texture. Among the numerous proposals, we can find creams containing ice water closed in liposomes, which will ensure hydration of deep layers of the epidermis. We can also choose creams providing two-stage care for the aging skin and skin with imperfections - retinol and ekoretinol or Galactoferm fermentation filtrate (GFF) with moisturising and nourishing properties.

It is also important that the eye cream is matched to the skin type and imperfections a person is struggling with. There are creams for aging skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.

How to apply eye cream?

How to apply and pat the eye cream? Everything here is very simple. The following is a short instruction.

1) Always apply cream on clean, dry skin.
2) Apply a small amount of cream to the eye area, not too close to the lash line.
3) Spread the cream.
4) Gently pat the cream in.
5) Done!

Why is it worth using eye cream?

As we have already mentioned, the use of eye cream is highly recommended so why specifically choose to purchase such a cosmetic? Among the most important advantages we can mention such as:

  • positive effect on the process of natural tissue regeneration
  • reduction of swelling and dark circles under the eyes
  • nourishing and moisturising the skin
  • brightened look
  • soothing and refreshing effect
  • protection against harmful external factors
  • resists the signs of aging
  • smoother, more supple skin around the eyes


Regular use of eye cream is highly recommended. It will nourish and moisturise the delicate skin, making signs of aging and the effects of harmful external factors less visible. However, we should remember that the cream should be properly selected, contain natural active ingredients and be adapted to the needs of our skin.

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