Combination skin – how to take care of it?

DOTTORE combination skin

Just as we are different in character, so are our skin types. You probably know people who are very open, contact, somewhat "trouble-free" and their opposition - such "complainers", who always do not like something, although you may not call them that :P

Among the types of skin there are also types that are very tolerant, trouble-free, but also demanding and difficult. One of the most demanding skin types is combination skin. Why is it called that? Simply put, it combines dry and oily skin. Most often in the "T" area - forehead and nose - the skin tends to overproduce sebum, and at the same time the cheeks and temples are dry and require moisturizing.

What is sebum?
The sebum is a protective layer against bacteria and fungi. It is secreted by the sebaceous glands embedded in the dermis. Sebum consists of epithelial lipids. When there is not enough lipids in the skin, then we are dealing with dry skin.

What are the reasons of combination skin?
The main cause of dry skin is the lack of lipids, the cause of oily skin is their excess. What are the causes of combination skin, if it combines both types? Combination skin is the result of an imbalance in the water and lipid balance in the epidermis. Deficiency and excess lipids are disorders - of course, but still balanced.

Most often mistakes made in the care of combination skin

- only products for oily skin The "T" area is usually more burdensome and we often focus on it, forgetting about the needs of the dry parts of the skin, thus risking the deterioration of their condition.
However, for most of the people we know, the crisis problem is "drying" of places affected by excessive production of sebum, because these places are very prone to blackheads and purulent lesions. This is a severe and, unfortunately, very visible problem, hence the rush to solve it.

- alcohol in cosmetics for make-up removal
This can be attached to the previous point - the goal is to get rid of excess sebum from the face. Just as the first result may actually be successful, the unwanted effects will appear very quickly. Dry areas of the face will become irritated or even cracked. Alcohol as an ingredient in cosmetics dries very much. Is it right to use this kind of cosmetic only in the "T" area? Unfortunately not. After the first positive impression, the time will come for the second - the skin, in response to drying out, "decide" that it must produce more sebum. We will distance ourselves from solving the problem twice.

- overdrying in the deeper parts of the skin The fact that the skin produces too much sebum in the "T" area does not mean that it does not require hydration in the deeper parts. When we focus on drying it, we can accidentally cause a harm to ourselves. Regardless of its type, skin needs hydration. Therefore, products with a moisturizing and sebum-regulating effect at the same time are the best choice for combination skin.


For the day –
HydratoreCream with 5% mandelic acid and ectoine, a molecule known to moisturize and protect. It works well with even very sensitive skin. The concentration and pH of the acid are completely safe - you can use the cream whole year. A few days is enough to notice results - narrowed pores, less sebum, moisturized skin. The perfect answer for combination skin!
For the night – Retino
Night cream with a synergistic combination of retinol and ecoRetinol. It not only has a rejuvenating and anti-aging effect, it also works as a seboregulator. Recommended for people with signs of aging skin and with imperfections.

City essence - a mist that we always recommend with a clear conscience. Perfect for use during the day, hygienic, quickly absorbed. 96% of the active ingredient that moisturizes, nourishes and also sebum regulates!
Puratore home - enzyme peeling with papain, which many of our customers love with its gentle action and beautiful fragrance! It works only on the outer layer of the epidermis, so it is completely safe even for pregnant and lactating women. It dissolves dead cells, leaving the skin nourished, radiant and fresh.

Which cosmetics do you use? Do you have combination skin? Let us know in the comment!

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Julia Siczyńska- kosmetolog dottore - 2021-09-14 21:08:51

Dzień dobry, krem na noc z linii City jest dobrym rozwiązaniem dla skóry mieszanej. Oczywiście może Pani zmienić kremy i zacząć używać kremów retino lub novo. Tym bardziej że zaczyna się jesień więc sezon kwasowy się zaczyna. Retino sprawdzi się w przypadku widocznych niedoskonałości, zaskórników. Novo z kolei polecamy dla skóry szarej i zmęczonej, z objawami fotostarzenia i nierównomiernym kolorytem. pozdrawiam serdecznie. Julia

Sabina - 2021-09-02 12:38:34

Mam 28 lat i cerę mieszaną, używam na noc krem CITY. Proszę mi powiedzieć, czy powinnam zacząć używać kremu Retino (albo może zacząć używać najpierw NOVO)? Będę wdzięczna za sugestię. Pozdrawiam, Sabina