Black Friday

DOTTORE Black Friday

         Black Friday is an opportunity for a lower price of face creams also with us! The campaign started today, and the promotion is valid until Monday!

         This is one of the largest rebate campaigns in Poland, the most widely advertised and the most popular. You've been asking for a week now, and today we officially announce - no discount codes! The promotion applies to you whether you want it or not! For purchases above:
- PLN 300 discount is 10%
- PLN 600 discount is 20%
- PLN 1200 discount is 30%

We have creams for couperose and sensitive skin, acne-prone, gray, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing. Everyone will find something for themselve, so maybe it's a good opportunity to introduce us to your loved ones, if they haven't heard about us yet? If you have difficulty choosing, please write to us! We will help!

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