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In childhood, summer was associated with vacation, carefree. As adults we are left only with a substitute for holidays- leaves. While vacation, most of us avoid the laptop and the phone, don't want to worry about company’s problems, but just relax and regenerate. In this carelessness, however, we must not forget about our health. We often do it - unhealthy delicacies, sitting up late, irregularities... it also applies to our skin care.

Now try to answer yourself:
Was your skin secured against summer?
Is your skin well cared for after the summer?

Our skin is a durable organ with great ability to regenerate, but it needs us to care.

How to start?

Definitely with protection! There is a lot of talk about antioxidants and antioxidant protection of the skin. Has anyone ever explained to you what oxidation actually is?

The word "oxidation" comes from "oxygen". It is what makes a bitten apple darken quickly. Every metabolic process in our body's cells requires oxygen. Free radicals, i.e. active oxygen molecules - atoms or molecules that are left without vapor, are a kind of waste of these processes. It is natural for these radicals to strive for balance. To do this, they break down other particles, and the next and the next, causing a wave of destruction on all the tissue they create.

We age through oxidation. This applies to both the signs of aging on our skin and the decreasing mental performance, which may result in disorders such as Alzhaimer, Parkinson, etc. Providing the body with external antioxidants can significantly reduce the risk of developing these diseases and also delay the aging process.

What surprises sometimes is that both oxidants and antioxidants our body can produce on its own. In nature, it is adapted to maintain a balance between them. Unfortunately, there are more and more oxidants regardless of us. The reasons for this are atmospheric pollution, sun rays, cigarette smoke - factors that we cannot avoid. It is worth mentioning here that UV-A rays are of particular importance in the process of the formation of free radicals. That is why it is so important to use sunscreen creams! In this context, it becomes clear that antioxidant protection in summer is an absolute must if we want to care about our skin.

Back to the beginning. The task of antioxidants is to remove excess free radicals from our body. How does this work? Supplying antioxidants is about providing free electrons with which free radicals can bind without causing damage to tissues.

Skin antioxidation

Colorful vegetables and fruits are the wealth of antioxidants. Blackberries are ranked highest in the rankings, and walnuts are not much lower - this is a curiosity. However, when it comes to skin antioxidation, the matter is difficult. Why? The skin as an organ is the least "appreciated" by our body. Dehydration is first visible on the skin. Why? Because when the body lacks water, it first takes it away from the skin. The same works the other way around. When we rebuild the body's water supply, it will be delivered to the skin at the very end, when all other organs are satisfied.
It's the same with antioxidants. That is why face skin care products containing antioxidants are so valued. The cream delivers antioxidants directly to our skin, supporting it in its anti-aging activities.


The most commonly recommended antioxidant is vitamin C and we have dedicated our C-flush cosmetics line to it.
The C-flush treatment consists of precisely targeted cosmetics that quickly improve the skin condition. They combine the 3 most important features of a modern product: protection, correction and rejuvenation. They act as an invisible mask that catches dirt, neutralizes free radicals, and inhibits the skin's oxidative stress caused by UV radiation.

C-flush cream RICH

It is a day cream with a rich and nourishing consistency, intended for dry skin irritated by excessive exposure to the sun.
For people who prefer light consistencies, the C-flush serum is designed to energize and refresh.

Home care is very important, but sometimes it is worth going for a professional cosmetic procedure. Again… #dottoreadvises

C-flush radiance - brightening and anti-wrinkle treatment
The treatment uses the techniques of needle-free mesotherapy and iontophoresis, for which a preparation is used that allows the dissolution of Vitamin C in a gel carrier. The treatment is recommended for people with skin with the first signs of aging, tired, dull and lack radiance skin.

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