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Relaxing on the beach or being active in the mountains? Regardless of how you spend your time outdoors, you need to take care of your skin after sun exposure! If you've been with us for a while, you've definitely been sunscreened. If not, we encourage you to read our article about skin burns. You'll learn how to deal with sunburns, but also second and third degree ones!

Sun effects on skin

Before answering the question in the title, let's explain why after-sun care is so important.

In moderate doses, the sun has a positive effect on our body. A quarter of an hour outdoors on a sunny day will improve blood circulation, reduce susceptibility to infection, thereby strengthening the antibacterial protection and defense system of the skin. An additional benefit of exposing yourself to the sun's rays for a while is the acceleration of the wound healing process. UV supports the synthesis of vitamin D3, and this vitamin is responsible for healthy bones and teeth, as well as proper muscle function. People with vitamin D3 deficiency have problems with osteoporosis and bone softening. In children, this deficiency can cause bone curvature!

Just because sunlight has positive effects doesn't mean there aren't limitations. Overexposure to the sun increases the risk of erythema, burns, swelling, and in the long run, dryness and discoloration. UV in excessive amounts is the main source of the appearance of free radicals responsible for the destruction of skin tissues and, as a result, accelerated aging.

Just after returning home

The first thing we should do as soon as we get home is shower. Even if we don't see it, there are particles of sweat, dust, sand and salt water on our skin. These impurities lingering on the face or body will not do any good. Also, a shower after basking in the sun will be very refreshing.

If you were able to avoid a sunburn, that's a good thing! But that doesn't mean your skin didn't work hard.

After-sun skin care, in our opinion, requires two basic steps - deep hydration and antioxidants.


It's no secret that the sun dries out our skin. In the long run, it can even cause dryness. To prevent this from happening, we recommend equipping yourself with a moisturizer.

What to look for. A moisturizing cream should work deeply and for a long time. Liposomal glacier water, a valued ingredient in cosmetics, has a proven effect.  Its combination with polysaccharides responsible for rebuilding the hydrolipid barrier gives the effect of deep and long-lasting hydration. We suggest using such a product every day in summer to help the skin through the period when it loses a lot of water.

In the case of very dry skin, it is worth using more oily preparations - butters. What is best to look for in their composition? The most valuable oils in cosmetics are:

- macadamia seed oil - has long been known in cosmetology, valued for its softening and smoothing effect on the skin. It has properties that promote healing of damaged epidermis.

- Jojoba oil - apart from making the skin more elastic, it protects it from the harmful effects of external factors and prevents the appearance of blackheads.

- Sacha Inchi seed oil - improves hydrolipidic barrier function and accelerates wound healing. Additionally, it inhibits keratinization, i.e. death of keratin cells, whose layer constitutes a dead, impermeable barrier on the skin.

Additionally, we remind you to take in plenty of fluids especially during the summer. It is recommended to drink 1.5 - 2 liters of water daily!


Antioxidation is the fight against oxidation. Free radicals, which appear when exposed to external factors such as UV, are free oxygen molecules that are looking for a pair to bond with. To do this, they break down neurons that are connected to each other, destroying entire tissues. We see this as signs of skin aging, graying, loss of firmness.


C-flush cream RICH is a day cream with vitamin C. It combines all the features of an ideal cosmetic - protection, rejuvenation and correction. It catches impurities, neutralizes free radicals, evens out skin tone and has an anti-wrinkle effect.

NMF xpress cream - a strong and deep moisturizing cream for use all year round. It is recommended by 100% of women who took part in application tests, while 85% saw a lasting improvement in skin quality.

Sacha butter - a line of butters whose multifunctionality makes them even more exceptional than their rich composition and beautiful scents! They are an ideal solution for dry skin of the face, but also for hands and the whole body. They work well as lip balm and are valued in beauty parlors as massage butters!

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