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  • Cosmetic treatment for the winter
    Published : 2021-12-13

    Winter is a difficult time for our skin. Lots of challenges - cold, wind, rapid temperature changes, but also a few opportunities - and what are they?

  • The stronger one please
    Published : 2021-12-06

    Have you ever wondered why cosmetics are created with concentrations of active ingredients lower than permitted by law? Is "more" always "better"?

  • When to start using anti-aging skin care?
    Published : 2021-11-29

    As many people as you ask, you will hear different versions of the answer. Our answer is based on years of experience of cosmetologists and doctors, for whom the skin care is a passion!

  • What to put under your Christmas tree?
    Published : 2021-11-22

    Remember this year when we gave up on preparing Christmas kits? We did not either! Christmas is every year, so the kits appear as always in advance!

  • How do you recognize menopause?
    Published : 2021-11-08

    Hot flashes, irritability and headaches? Is it menopause or just stress? Maybe both? Find out what the Kupperman test is! Maybe it will be useful for you, or maybe for a friend?

  • How to improve the facial oval?
    Published : 2021-10-25

    What do we mean when we talk about "improving facial oval"? We mean flabby, sagging cheeks and a chin that is resistant to shaping. As we age, we lose skin tone, and the oval slowly fades. Are [...]

  • Types of cosmetics
    Published : 2021-10-19

    No matter where you shop, there are many types of cosmetics available on the shelves of drugstores or on the Internet. What are the differences? Which are the best? In what order to use them? [...]

  • Peptides
    Published : 2021-09-30

    Peptides are organic chemical compounds formed by the assembly of amino acid molecules into chains via a peptide bond. Peptides - function in the skin Peptides became popular in cosmetic [...]

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