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Every year we look for gifts for our loved ones that they will find under the Christmas tree. Why is it so hard? Because we want to make them happy. After all, it's not about giving a gift "because it's appropriate", is it?

A well-thought-out gift will suit preferences and the needs of the person for whom it is prepared. We have some ideas! To make it easier, we will talk about a gift for our Friend.


A treatment dedicated to skin problems. It's not about random cosmetics that just smell nice. We require action from cosmetics – a thing to remember.

You may notice some problems, no need to ask. Frequently occurring erythema may be a sign of couperose skin, and a Strengthening treatment will be the best for this. Our Friend can be very sensitive to the sun, blush after alcohol - such little hints that will help you notice this problem more easily.

If our Friend's skin is dry, you will recognize it quite easily - wrinkles appear a bit faster, and their skin is very delicate. Then our Friend could enjoy the Moisturizing Treatment. There is also a dedicated eye cream in it, which - as our observations show, is the bane of owners of dry skin.

Another quite popular problem that you can help our Friend deal with is acne. It often goes hand in hand with the oily skin. If you've heard a Friend complain that her "face is shining", you already know what to give her. We recommend a normalizing treatment!

We know one more issue that our friend may struggle with. The concept has been dominating our industry for years - anti-aging. Let us know in the comment how many times you have looked for something that will "rejuvenate the skin a little." We have three suggestions! If your friend already has experience in using AA creams and with acids, you can give her a Rejuvenating Treatment or a Revitalizing Treatment. In the case of choosing the second one, it is worth remembering to use sunscreen. Retinol and glycolic acid are ingredients that can do a lot! The third option in this regard will be the Regenerating Treatment. It consists of Retino Forte and a cream with vitamin C - C-fluch cream RICH.

If you are not sure about your Friend's skin preferences, we also have a safe solution, suitable for all skin types. Protective Treatment City Day and Protective Treatment City Night. City is a line designed to protect the skin, but it also has other advantages. Which one to choose? If our friend uses cosmetics in the morning, we recommend the Protective Treatment City Day. If you know that you are dealing with a person who does everything on the run in the morning - and we all know at least one person like that - it's better to present the Protective Treatment City Night. In both sets you will find City essence - a mist that wins the hearts of users, as well as a universal and multi-purpose eye cream City eye.


You know your friend best. If she belongs to people who like the best, we have four luxury gift sets! They meet the expectations of even our most demanding customers.

Diamante - comprehensive care in one set. Perfectly complementing the intensively anti-wrinkle day cream C-flush cream RICH and the rejuvenating night cream Novo forte, supported by the Puratore home enzymatic peeling.

Zaffiro - this is the answer for problematic skin. Cleansing face gel Sensitore gel, normalizing sebum production and moisturizing Hydratore cream (a favorite one of people with combination and oily skin) and Novo - one of our bestsellers - with glycolic acid.

Rubino - a combination of strong active ingredients, i.e. retinol and glycolic acid contained in Retino, which is the most valuable component of Novo forte with the soothing effect of S.O.S. Perfectly!

Perla - that is everything that is best for our skin. C-flush cream RICH with vitamin C, Retino forte with Retinol and ecoRetinol, and as an additive accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis S.O.S.

In addition to the luxury products in themselves, the beautiful, eye-catching box also includes a soft face towel. Our demanding friend will surely appreciate it because of its quality, and the inscription "You are beautiful" will bring a smile to her face when she reaches for it.


This option is for the very insecure. If you do not know what skin your Friend has, give her some relaxation and professional advice. At the link at the bottom you will find a map. We have marked all beauty salons that we heartily recommend! Many of them have been working with us for years, so don't worry - your friend will be in good hands.

The link is HERE. See which office will be closest to your friend. Maybe you will also give yourself a gift in the form of visiting a beautician?

What kind of gift ideas you have? What would you like to get? Share in the comment. Maybe you can help each other come up with an idea for a unique gift and make someone happy! Merry Christmas!

P.S. Holidays are getting closer and the treatments are limited, so hurry up with your Christmas shopping!

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