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  • What is ecoRetinol?
    Published : 2021-08-26

    Sometimes a change of cream is enough to significantly improve the condition of the skin and enjoy a younger, more attractive appearance. Today we will focus on creams with ecoRetinol. We will [...]

  • The skin barrier and cleansing
    Published : 2021-08-23

    How often do you see beauty product descriptions declare that they rebuild the skin's hydrolipid barrier? Do you know how? And what exactly is the hydrolipid barrier?

  • What is my skin type? How do I take care of it?
    Published : 2021-08-16

    Our age is an age of awareness. In order not to be fooled by advertisements offering magical solutions, we need to be aware of both their existence and the condition that affects us.

  • After-sun skin care
    Published : 2021-08-02

    What's the difference between daily skin care and the care your skin needs after sunbathing? Is sun only harmful to our skin? What are the benefits of sun exposure?

  • What is a papain peeling?
    Published : 2021-07-30

    A facial peel is a good idea once in a while. However, it is important that the cosmetic we use is selected according to the needs of the skin and has a selected composition. A noteworthy proposal is

  • How do I prepare my skin before sunbathing?
    Published : 2021-07-26

    Is peeling before vacation a good idea? How to take care of your body and face before sunbathing? Which areas are most often forgotten during skin care? We've put together a little guide for you!

  • Can cosmetics with acids be used in the summer?
    Published : 2021-07-19

    Treatments with acids are known for their impressive effects. Are acids a perfect cosmetic ingredient? Unfortunately, they have a significant drawback - they can not be used all year round.

  • 5 steps to perfect cleansing
    Published : 2021-07-12

    Cleansing is essential, so you probably already know everything. But do you? Find out if you know and follow all five steps we listed for a perfect cleanse!

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