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  • Diet and healthy skin
    Published : 2021-03-22

    Do you have problematic skin? Maybe not. There's no rule of thumb, when does your skin get worse and better? Is it difficult and "capricious"? Maybe it's just sensitive. Check out what to look out for

  • Facial cleansing at home
    Published : 2021-03-15

    Cleansing the face is one of the main pillars of facial skin care. What mistakes do we make most often and how to avoid them? What is the difference between micellar lotion and milk? See for yourself!

  • Effects of Exogenous Factors on the Skin
    Published : 2021-03-08

    What do you mean by exogenous? How many external factors affecting your skin can you name? Do you remember to protect yourself from all of them? How do they affect your skin? Find out right away!

  • How does sleep deprivation affect our skin?
    Published : 2021-03-01

    Lack of sleep affects our concentration and immunity - you know it, but have you heard what effect it has on your skin? What do you "refuse" your skin by giving up strong, good-quality sleep?

  • What cream to use for very dry facial skin? Skincare guide
    Published : 2021-02-26

    Very dry skin is rough, dull and devoid of radiance. Are you wondering which cream to choose for very dry facial skin? Check the guide.

  • The impact of stress on skin
    Published : 2021-02-22

    Is there such a thing as good and bad stress? How does it affect us? What are the symptoms of chronic stress noticeable on the skin? Are the changes reversible? Let’s talk about stress - take it easy.

  • Oily skin – how to take care?
    Published : 2021-02-10

    Why it is so hard to get rid of the annoying feeling of glowing skin? How to deal with excess sebum production? See if oily skin really is that difficult to care for.

  • What is a micellar water? Guide
    Published : 2021-02-05

    Micellar fluid, also known as micellar water, is a cosmetic that contains micelles. Micelles are microscopic, spherical balls whose inner layer is hydrophilic - it repels fat and attracts water. [...]

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