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  • After-sun skin care
    Published : 2021-08-02

    What's the difference between daily skin care and the care your skin needs after sunbathing? Is sun only harmful to our skin? What are the benefits of sun exposure?

  • Can cosmetics with acids be used in the summer?
    Published : 2021-07-19

    Treatments with acids are known for their impressive effects. Are acids a perfect cosmetic ingredient? Unfortunately, they have a significant drawback - they can not be used all year round.

  • 5 steps to perfect cleansing
    Published : 2021-07-12

    Cleansing is essential, so you probably already know everything. But do you? Find out if you know and follow all five steps we listed for a perfect cleanse!

  • How to care for your skin in summer - 5 tips from a cosmetologist
    Published : 2021-06-28

    In the summer our skin is exposed to many factors that irritate it. Sun, wind, air conditioning, hot air, sea water and sand on the beach are factors that negatively affect its condition. Summer [...]

  • Must Have for Summer
    Published : 2021-06-21

    Is sun protection the only thing you need to remember in the summer? What else does our skin need to relax ? Check out the sets we have prepared for you!

  • What to look for when choosing a sunscreen?
    Published : 2021-06-14

    The cosmetics market offers a whole range of different sun protection products. Do you know how to choose the best? How to read their labels? How to interpret the markings on the boxes?

  • How to take care of your skin tone?
    Published : 2021-05-31

    Where do discolorations come from? How to get rid of them and is it even possible? There are ways to minimize the risk of discoloration and it does not require much effort. See for yourself!

  • Vitamin C - the antioxidant bomb for your skin
    Published : 2021-05-24

    As an active ingredient in cosmetics, vitamin C is extremely important in anti-aging and skin tone balancing processes. It is suitable for young, combination, oily and mature skin as well as [...]

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