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  • Hyaluronic acid
    Published : 2022-03-14

    What is the "key to youth"? Hyaluronic acid is sometimes called by this name. What are its properties? Why is it so popular in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine?

  • To help Ukraine
    Published : 2022-02-28

    Official announcement - dottore helps by donating 10% of its income to the accounts of the listed organizations. We also take care of Ukrainian families who stayed in Poznan.

  • Smog - skin effects and protection
    Published : 2022-02-21

    In the age of the coronavirus, do you remember what smog is? Do you protect yourself against it? Do masks help to protect against smog?

  • How to prepare your skin for Valentine's Day?
    Published : 2022-02-07

    The holiday of love is just a week away! Are you ready? Do you have plans? We have tips on how to prepare your skin for this day! The love of beautiful, healthy skin can also be celebrated on February

  • Acids in skin care part 1 - contraindications, complications and adverse effects
    Published : 2022-01-31

    Acids are effective cosmetic ingredients, but for them to work as desired, they must be used wisely. Do you know contraindications? When acids are discouraged, and when absolutely excluded?

  • New year, new list
    Published : 2022-01-24

    A new year means a new beginning! Do we know the slogan "new year - new me"? A bit cliched, so we will let the slogan go, but the idea is good. It is hard to mobilize ourselves for change. [...]

  • Cosmetic treatment for the winter
    Published : 2021-12-13

    Winter is a difficult time for our skin. Lots of challenges - cold, wind, rapid temperature changes, but also a few opportunities - and what are they?

  • The stronger one please
    Published : 2021-12-06

    Have you ever wondered why cosmetics are created with concentrations of active ingredients lower than permitted by law? Is "more" always "better"?

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